Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Which I Decided to Start A New Blog

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Since the 28th of February, I've done jack shit. Or have I?

Before I get into the reason for the slacking, I'll talk about the Sens for a second. They have been one of the hottest team in league over the last 10 games and this can be attributed to the work Old Man Murray did before the trade deadline. Anderson has been a revelation with a GAA under 1.50, save % over .950, and a 6-3 record in 9 games since being acquired from Colorado. He's been money night in and night out. The same can't be said about Elliott, who went over to the Avs in the swap. The terms "shitting the bed" or "hate to say I told you so" are not enough. 

Throw in McElhinney, who was claimed off waivers from Tampa, and you have two solid goaltenders who look more like stand up goalies, rather than butterfly style. This duo has given the entire team some much needed confidence and stability. Let's not forget the play of the Kids after the Great Exfoliation of 2011. Condra, Greening and Butler have been incredible since they have become regulars with the team. I might have said this before (and I have), the future for this team isn't as bleak as all the fans think it might be. The next 2 years will be tough but there is so much to look forward to.

Paqman & Bull

So I've started a new blog,, with a like minded friend named Turnbull. We started this a few weeks ago and it would be mad cool if you checked it out and got your subscription on. 

Our mission statement is "Purveyors of Exclusive Insight on Music, Sport and Culture". That pretty much say it all, no? Head on over, Like it on Facebook, subscribe by email, subscribe by whatever feels nice!
We're also looking for your thoughts and opinion on the blog. Any feedback is much appreciated.

-Marc P

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