Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Call It A Crawlback: The Temporary Return of Stranger In Leaf Nation

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It's been a Recchi age since I've dropped a post for y'all on SILN. The main reason is mostly laziness, or as most people call it these days, "being busy". The other secondary reasons are the Sens inactivity since they decided not to make the playoffs this year, watching other teams play while offering them my temporary allegiance (Canucks) and trying to get Paqman & Bull to a top 100 ranking with Technorati (we were a Top 100 hockey blog for a few weeks). You can check out a few of my hockey related posts here and here.

A few stories of interest to pass along:

- The BSens have won the Calder Cup in 6 games thanks to everybody's favorite Swedish ticking timebomb and your 2011 AHL playoff MVP Robin Lehner. From what I've read on the Sens blogosphere, the Kid was lights out. The incredible part about his first year with the Pros was his journey. He was the franchise's yo-yo: called up, sent back down, played in the WJC...basically no stability. Some said that it would seriously hinder his development. So much for that. This kid has a bright future ahead of him.

- Alfie opted to get surgery to repair his nagging back issues. He should be good to go in a month and a half. Knowing Alfredsson, he'll be fully recovered the next day and will start his summer training. He is Wolverine, with more ginger.

- I lost my Sens cap! So pissed since I can't find the same style...if you see a fitted black Sens hat with a monochrome logo on the front and the "O" on the back, take that thieving mofo out and email me for shipping details.

- Looks like the Cory Clouston Fashion Review broke up with me without letting me know...which is cool since I wasn't contributing much. I still have nothing but love for that blog, and I'm a huge fan of James. I've never seen a blogger post such sporadic, borderline insane posts that are absolutely brilliant and hilarious at the same time. Anyone who drops that many Wu-Tang references is top notch in my book! Kudos to the CCFR crew and I really hope they keep the name even though Clouston is a goner. Maybe someday SILN and CCFR will make up in the McDonald's washroom on Rideau street. Only time will tell.

- I've been asked to help out a new hockey blog collective called I've contributed one post so far, and will probably keep up a "post a month" pace for the time being.

- Enough with the Spezza trade talk/bullshit. Seriously.

- Once the playoffs are done, I'm gonna write about the Sens Effect on the 2011 NHL Playoffs. ***spoiler alert: it will be awesome.***

- Did I mention my other blog, Paqman & Bull? WTF are you waiting for? Go now!

- The entry draft is around the corner and it looks like we'll get a fine prospect. I'm hoping the Sens can snag a cat like Couturier, Strome or Landeskog at the 6th spot.

If you've been waiting for a new post over the last 2 months...sorry. Expect posts every once a while until the season starts again, them I'm going hard! If you don't give a shit, I'm sorry you're a Leafs fan and a jerk.

-Marc P