Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Call It A Crawlback: The Temporary Return of Stranger In Leaf Nation

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It's been a Recchi age since I've dropped a post for y'all on SILN. The main reason is mostly laziness, or as most people call it these days, "being busy". The other secondary reasons are the Sens inactivity since they decided not to make the playoffs this year, watching other teams play while offering them my temporary allegiance (Canucks) and trying to get Paqman & Bull to a top 100 ranking with Technorati (we were a Top 100 hockey blog for a few weeks). You can check out a few of my hockey related posts here and here.

A few stories of interest to pass along:

- The BSens have won the Calder Cup in 6 games thanks to everybody's favorite Swedish ticking timebomb and your 2011 AHL playoff MVP Robin Lehner. From what I've read on the Sens blogosphere, the Kid was lights out. The incredible part about his first year with the Pros was his journey. He was the franchise's yo-yo: called up, sent back down, played in the WJC...basically no stability. Some said that it would seriously hinder his development. So much for that. This kid has a bright future ahead of him.

- Alfie opted to get surgery to repair his nagging back issues. He should be good to go in a month and a half. Knowing Alfredsson, he'll be fully recovered the next day and will start his summer training. He is Wolverine, with more ginger.

- I lost my Sens cap! So pissed since I can't find the same style...if you see a fitted black Sens hat with a monochrome logo on the front and the "O" on the back, take that thieving mofo out and email me for shipping details.

- Looks like the Cory Clouston Fashion Review broke up with me without letting me know...which is cool since I wasn't contributing much. I still have nothing but love for that blog, and I'm a huge fan of James. I've never seen a blogger post such sporadic, borderline insane posts that are absolutely brilliant and hilarious at the same time. Anyone who drops that many Wu-Tang references is top notch in my book! Kudos to the CCFR crew and I really hope they keep the name even though Clouston is a goner. Maybe someday SILN and CCFR will make up in the McDonald's washroom on Rideau street. Only time will tell.

- I've been asked to help out a new hockey blog collective called I've contributed one post so far, and will probably keep up a "post a month" pace for the time being.

- Enough with the Spezza trade talk/bullshit. Seriously.

- Once the playoffs are done, I'm gonna write about the Sens Effect on the 2011 NHL Playoffs. ***spoiler alert: it will be awesome.***

- Did I mention my other blog, Paqman & Bull? WTF are you waiting for? Go now!

- The entry draft is around the corner and it looks like we'll get a fine prospect. I'm hoping the Sens can snag a cat like Couturier, Strome or Landeskog at the 6th spot.

If you've been waiting for a new post over the last 2 months...sorry. Expect posts every once a while until the season starts again, them I'm going hard! If you don't give a shit, I'm sorry you're a Leafs fan and a jerk.

-Marc P

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Spezzanswer Comes Through Again

Practice??!! I ain't...I mean...I love practice! (Photo kinda via
20 points in 13 games. 4 points against the Flyers last night. Simply awesome. When the Captain is away, Spezza plays. We all know why Old Man Murray never traded away Spezza. It comes down to the fact that he's kinda important. All the criticism he's received over the years is irrelevant. He has become so crutial since last years booing incident that resulted in the potential of another Heatley saga. And this really shows the major difference between the afformentioned diva and the Sens #1 centre: he isn't a douchebag. Spezza has always been an essential cog in this machine and will continue to play that role until his time in O-town is over. His defensive game has flourished with his added responsibility, especially on the PK. Does anyone miss Kelly or Fisher? I certainly don't. The team has killed 86 of their last 92 penalty kills coming in at a cool 93% (by my count). Impressive indeed.

Quit Yer Crying

Dear Sens Fans, stop crying over our draft position. Sure they might pick between 4th to 6th but that prospect will be a fine addition to the system. Taking into consideration what the team currently has in term of young blood, I think we're doing ok. I'm enjoying their play as of late. A sign of things to come? Most definetly positively yes. The kids are playing like every game is their last game. Hope this carries over to training camp.

Mais DeCosta...Ou est-il???

Êtes-vous surpris des résultats du jeune DaCosta depuis son arrivée avec les Sénateurs? Si vous avez dit oui, il faut comprendre qu'il arrive d'un système collégial. Il faudrait aussi comprendre qu'il a joué avec des athlètes de son âge et n'a pas d'expérience dans la LNH contre des vétérans d'expérience. Tous comme Bobby Butler, qui a compté son premier but au rang des professionnels à son 12e match, il faut démontrer la patience et lui donner le temps de développer son jeu et rôle avec les Sénateurs. J'espère grandement qu'il aura la chance de jouer avec Les Sénateurs de Binghamton durant les séries éliminatoire de la LAH. Cette expérience lui permettra de s'adapter au style de jeu que je digne nécessaire pour son succès. Alors, bonne chance M. DaCosta! Je vous souhaite que du succès...that took forever. A little rusty on that front.

Clouston Can't Get a Clue

Word on the street is that Sir Cory of Clouston wants to stay behind the bench next season. The Euge announced that he will make his decision within the next few days. Will the Sens recent surge validate a new contract for Clouston? Some might say yes...I'm saying no. He's not the right guy for this club. If he grew a backbone and stuck to want he was trying to sell...then maybe. I heard that Guy Carbonneau is a possible candidate (which the Gatineau residents would love) but I'm on Team Muller. I like Captain Kirk and believe that he would be the right fit, as long as Martin didn't rub off on him too much.

The Cloustonian Tie Color Effect hasn't been updated for quite a long time for a few reasons: 1) I was sick and tired of adding up the loses in the totals, 2) I couldn't catch the games on TV or via stream and 3) I got lazy. With that said, the winning tie that would've brought them fashionable success in the playoffs is......

Aubergine with Purple and White Stripes - 2 W 0 L

Experiment complete.

Everybody Loves a Non-Winner

I'm trying to not hurt any feelings by using non-winner...who am I kidding...Leafs are yet again losers and miss the playoffs for a 6th straight year. I found it quite comical when Leafs Nation TV Toronto Sports Network TSN claimed that the Leafs had a "great" season..or was it a "successful" season...doesn't matter how you spin it, it was a fail. Anything short of the playoffs = unsuccessful and not great. But I did take great joy in pumping up the spirits of Leafs fans for the last month by telling them that they were making the playoffs. I had a gut feeling (that pattern from the last 6 years aslo helped) that they were not going to make the cut.

This is what happens when the team you cheer for has a shitty season. You try to bring others down with you.

-Marc P

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why I Strongly Dislike the Leafs : Reason # 3

This will be a continuing series exploring all the reasons why I loathe the Leafs. There is no logic behind the order because my disdain cannot be ranked.

Reason #3: Leafs trolls. Particularly Leafs trolls on TSN. Even though the story has nothing to do with their team, Leafs trolls find a way to drop some stupid comment that further escalates everyones hatred for these fanatics. F'in Leafs trolls.

Leafs troll comments from TSN's "SENATORS LAND HIGHLY-TOUTED COLLEGE FREE AGENT DA COSTA" article, which has nothing to do with Toronto:

This seems like something the Habs would do... go get Frenchy!!! Kids going to be a bust, he takes the heat off all the regulars players for the Sens who have played awful this season, Go Leafs Go! Hey Sens fans how did it feel to be out of playoff contention back in january:)

Hey Sens fans don't be playing the hero card just yet last time I checked you're in the basement. You better have something to show for Chara, Volchenkov, Redden, Heatley, Fisher, and Kelly. None of the prospects you have mentioned will be = any of the players mentioned above. Have fun with the gut job

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anderson Running Away With Your Votes

Anderson really wants Karzai's hat. Trade for Senators PJs? (Photo kinda via

As a Federal election looms, a new candidate has burst onto the scene. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present your new representative for Carleton-Mississippi Mills and Prime Minister hopeful: Craig Anderson.

His platform includes:

- heavy investments in the Department of Defense
- option to veto any new Senators
- zero tolerance for "elitist" Media dissension towards his team
- infusion of young talent into his party for a fresh perspective and palpable energy

Mr Anderson is committed to a four year term and will consider his options once that time has passed.

His catch line: 'I'll take one in the chest, arm, or leg for the team."

Harper doesn't stand a chance. I'm positive he'll throw mud at the Anderson Movement with statements like "He didn't come here for you" or "Anderson formed a previous coalition", but do not believe a word of it. Be strong and make the right choice.

4 More Years

This is late (so don't hate). I wanted to wait a few days before posting my opinion on Anderson's new contract with the Sens. My initial thoughts on the signing remain: money for the new #1 is fair, NTC and NMC are absent which is great and length of the contract is...well...too long. Anderson had most of the chips during the negotiations, and it seems like he wanted security with the 4 year re-up. On the flip side, it wasn't a 5 to 7 year deal. If that would've been the case, I would've lost my mind. 4 years is a mid sized contract in term of years. I prefer 2 to 3 years, especially for a guy that has played such a small sample of games for Ottawa, to assure that the investment isn't a knee jerk reaction. Others will say that the team needed a guy like Anderson. I'll be the first to admit that he has brings confidence and swagger to the club, which was terribly needed. This signing gets the SILN seal of approval...still feel that's it 1 year too long.

What about Lehner? According to an interview that I read with Lehner and Bingo beat writer Joy Lindsay, he is learning the English language and is ready to play with the B-Sens for the next few years to develop his game after meeting with Old Man Murray. So we can expect the Lehner-niac to challenge for the #1 spot within the next few years.

Winning by Committee

The Sens have been without their Captain for what seems like an eternity. Another sad chapter in the longest season in ages. It's weird seeing this team play without their Captain for a huge portion of the year. But there is a bright side to all of this: Spezza has stepped up huge since Alfie went down. Kinda makes me wonder what would have been if Spezza was around during that massive losing streak that determined the fate of this season. What if they went .500 during the losing streak? Or even .750? Would they be fighting for a playoff spot?

The kids keep impressing and are producing with the ice time they have be awarded. Greening, Condra, and Butler continue to show that they belong with the club and are putting up impressive auditions for next year. This team will be fun to watch for the next few years, even though they might really suck.

Another Saturday Hiatus

The Sens are playing this afternoon at 2 against the Thrashers, which is the Game of the Day in Uzbekistan. Anderson starts again for a team that has won 7 of their last 10 games. So they are one of the hottest clubs in the league. Too bad it doesn't count for much except pride. The pride of winning when it doesn't count and working for next season. Awesome.

-Marc P

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matt Cooke Wears a Ronaldo Jersey

You can kick a goal in on this playing surface, sir. (Photo kinda via cbc,ca)
Defense! Where have you gone? I know you don't like hanging out in Ottawa but I wish you would live here permanently.

Here are a few things you might like about Ottawa:

- Beaver Tails: I know that you have a sweet tooth Big D. This pastry delight will satisfy your needs.

- the Byward Market: the epicenter of the Nation's Capital. You can enjoy shopping, eating and the Parliament is but a hop and skip away. Will lead to the perfect opportunity to lobby the Harper Government the Conservatives Rising Stevie and the Harperites the Government of Canada to make them understand that headshots and blindside hits are regular every game hockey plays. Concussions are a myth.

- Empty Streets: no one is on the streets after 8 PM from Sunday to Thursday. A perfect haven for street hockey.

So there you have it, dear Defense. Ottawa is a city of choice.

Coaching Ain't Easy (Unless Your Name is Bylsma)

Bylsma should get the Jack Adams. Disco Dan is icing a team without 2 offensive juggernauts (who happen to be All-Stars) and the Pens consistently win. How is this possible? Dude can coach. His players have totally commited to his system. As we've seen on 24/7, he's a new school manager. It's easy to Boudreau the shit out of your players, but he doesn't (btw Boudreau should stop talking to the Media and eliminate the Joe Louis/twinkies/gravy on a Kaiser snack from his diet).

The way I saw it streamed last night, Clouston was outcoached from the jump. So much for that last change advantage.

Kickin' It

Here's what the rule book says about using your skate to score a goal:

Rule 49 - Kicking
49.1 Kicking – The action of a player deliberately using his skate(s) with a kicking motion to propel the puck or to contact an opponent.
49.2 Goals - Kicking the puck shall be permitted in all zones. A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who uses a distinct kicking motion to propel the puck into the net. A goal cannot be scored by an attacking player who kicks a puck that deflects into the net off any player, goalkeeper or official.
A puck that deflects into the net off an attacking player’s skate who does not use a distinct kicking motion is a legitimate goal. A puck that is directed into the net by an attacking player’s skate shall be a legitimate goal as long as no distinct kicking motion is evident.
Let me start by saying that this rule is dumb. Whether its a redirection or a kicking motion I believe it should count. I can see how a "skate kick" can lead to injuries with that blade, all sharp and all. Safety first, right?
Most NHL teams kick around a soccer ball as a pre game warm up. They sometimes use their skates as a scoring method which might happen by instinct. In the end, rules are rules and the Cooke goal should not have counted. According to what I saw, that was a distinct kicking motion that resulted in a goal (that deflected off Anderson). The goal gave the Pens a 3 goal lead and that was it. Not saying that this is the reason they lost the game (they played a poor game...really poor game). It certainly didn't help.

Red Card

The more the press, Goverment and NHL sponsors talk about headshots, the more they are happening. Heatley (puke in mouth), Murray and Marchand all decided to get in on the fun last night. Heatley got 2 games for his headshot. The others...who knows? The NHL Wheel of Justice will decide.

I can talk about this for days. In the end, the responsibility falls on the players. You can have new rules, fancy new league approved gear, gym mattresses pasted along the board...the players are accountable for their actions and that's it. The League should be more aggressive on this hot subject...or the NHLPA should create a board to deal with their members. Justice can be served, unless the head hunter plays for the Bruins.

PS I hate Kuba

-Marc P

Sunday, March 13, 2011

In Which I Decided to Start A New Blog

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything. Since the 28th of February, I've done jack shit. Or have I?

Before I get into the reason for the slacking, I'll talk about the Sens for a second. They have been one of the hottest team in league over the last 10 games and this can be attributed to the work Old Man Murray did before the trade deadline. Anderson has been a revelation with a GAA under 1.50, save % over .950, and a 6-3 record in 9 games since being acquired from Colorado. He's been money night in and night out. The same can't be said about Elliott, who went over to the Avs in the swap. The terms "shitting the bed" or "hate to say I told you so" are not enough. 

Throw in McElhinney, who was claimed off waivers from Tampa, and you have two solid goaltenders who look more like stand up goalies, rather than butterfly style. This duo has given the entire team some much needed confidence and stability. Let's not forget the play of the Kids after the Great Exfoliation of 2011. Condra, Greening and Butler have been incredible since they have become regulars with the team. I might have said this before (and I have), the future for this team isn't as bleak as all the fans think it might be. The next 2 years will be tough but there is so much to look forward to.

Paqman & Bull

So I've started a new blog,, with a like minded friend named Turnbull. We started this a few weeks ago and it would be mad cool if you checked it out and got your subscription on. 

Our mission statement is "Purveyors of Exclusive Insight on Music, Sport and Culture". That pretty much say it all, no? Head on over, Like it on Facebook, subscribe by email, subscribe by whatever feels nice!
We're also looking for your thoughts and opinion on the blog. Any feedback is much appreciated.

-Marc P

Monday, February 28, 2011

Damn it! or The Deleted Agony and Ensuing Anger

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Here's my crappy post since I somehow deleted the real one on my Blackberry...

Campoli traded.

Phillips signs for 3 years.

Leafs are on the cusp of not making the playoffs again.

Ottawa Sun will have a headline with "Trade Dud-line" in it.

I still love my Berry, but God Damn!!!