Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why I Strongly Dislike the Leafs : Reason # 3

This will be a continuing series exploring all the reasons why I loathe the Leafs. There is no logic behind the order because my disdain cannot be ranked.

Reason #3: Leafs trolls. Particularly Leafs trolls on TSN. Even though the story has nothing to do with their team, Leafs trolls find a way to drop some stupid comment that further escalates everyones hatred for these fanatics. F'in Leafs trolls.

Leafs troll comments from TSN's "SENATORS LAND HIGHLY-TOUTED COLLEGE FREE AGENT DA COSTA" article, which has nothing to do with Toronto:

This seems like something the Habs would do... go get Frenchy!!! Kids going to be a bust, he takes the heat off all the regulars players for the Sens who have played awful this season, Go Leafs Go! Hey Sens fans how did it feel to be out of playoff contention back in january:)

Hey Sens fans don't be playing the hero card just yet last time I checked you're in the basement. You better have something to show for Chara, Volchenkov, Redden, Heatley, Fisher, and Kelly. None of the prospects you have mentioned will be = any of the players mentioned above. Have fun with the gut job

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