Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Spezzanswer Comes Through Again

Practice??!! I ain't...I mean...I love practice! (Photo kinda via
20 points in 13 games. 4 points against the Flyers last night. Simply awesome. When the Captain is away, Spezza plays. We all know why Old Man Murray never traded away Spezza. It comes down to the fact that he's kinda important. All the criticism he's received over the years is irrelevant. He has become so crutial since last years booing incident that resulted in the potential of another Heatley saga. And this really shows the major difference between the afformentioned diva and the Sens #1 centre: he isn't a douchebag. Spezza has always been an essential cog in this machine and will continue to play that role until his time in O-town is over. His defensive game has flourished with his added responsibility, especially on the PK. Does anyone miss Kelly or Fisher? I certainly don't. The team has killed 86 of their last 92 penalty kills coming in at a cool 93% (by my count). Impressive indeed.

Quit Yer Crying

Dear Sens Fans, stop crying over our draft position. Sure they might pick between 4th to 6th but that prospect will be a fine addition to the system. Taking into consideration what the team currently has in term of young blood, I think we're doing ok. I'm enjoying their play as of late. A sign of things to come? Most definetly positively yes. The kids are playing like every game is their last game. Hope this carries over to training camp.

Mais DeCosta...Ou est-il???

Êtes-vous surpris des résultats du jeune DaCosta depuis son arrivée avec les Sénateurs? Si vous avez dit oui, il faut comprendre qu'il arrive d'un système collégial. Il faudrait aussi comprendre qu'il a joué avec des athlètes de son âge et n'a pas d'expérience dans la LNH contre des vétérans d'expérience. Tous comme Bobby Butler, qui a compté son premier but au rang des professionnels à son 12e match, il faut démontrer la patience et lui donner le temps de développer son jeu et rôle avec les Sénateurs. J'espère grandement qu'il aura la chance de jouer avec Les Sénateurs de Binghamton durant les séries éliminatoire de la LAH. Cette expérience lui permettra de s'adapter au style de jeu que je digne nécessaire pour son succès. Alors, bonne chance M. DaCosta! Je vous souhaite que du succès...that took forever. A little rusty on that front.

Clouston Can't Get a Clue

Word on the street is that Sir Cory of Clouston wants to stay behind the bench next season. The Euge announced that he will make his decision within the next few days. Will the Sens recent surge validate a new contract for Clouston? Some might say yes...I'm saying no. He's not the right guy for this club. If he grew a backbone and stuck to want he was trying to sell...then maybe. I heard that Guy Carbonneau is a possible candidate (which the Gatineau residents would love) but I'm on Team Muller. I like Captain Kirk and believe that he would be the right fit, as long as Martin didn't rub off on him too much.

The Cloustonian Tie Color Effect hasn't been updated for quite a long time for a few reasons: 1) I was sick and tired of adding up the loses in the totals, 2) I couldn't catch the games on TV or via stream and 3) I got lazy. With that said, the winning tie that would've brought them fashionable success in the playoffs is......

Aubergine with Purple and White Stripes - 2 W 0 L

Experiment complete.

Everybody Loves a Non-Winner

I'm trying to not hurt any feelings by using non-winner...who am I kidding...Leafs are yet again losers and miss the playoffs for a 6th straight year. I found it quite comical when Leafs Nation TV Toronto Sports Network TSN claimed that the Leafs had a "great" season..or was it a "successful" season...doesn't matter how you spin it, it was a fail. Anything short of the playoffs = unsuccessful and not great. But I did take great joy in pumping up the spirits of Leafs fans for the last month by telling them that they were making the playoffs. I had a gut feeling (that pattern from the last 6 years aslo helped) that they were not going to make the cut.

This is what happens when the team you cheer for has a shitty season. You try to bring others down with you.

-Marc P

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why I Strongly Dislike the Leafs : Reason # 3

This will be a continuing series exploring all the reasons why I loathe the Leafs. There is no logic behind the order because my disdain cannot be ranked.

Reason #3: Leafs trolls. Particularly Leafs trolls on TSN. Even though the story has nothing to do with their team, Leafs trolls find a way to drop some stupid comment that further escalates everyones hatred for these fanatics. F'in Leafs trolls.

Leafs troll comments from TSN's "SENATORS LAND HIGHLY-TOUTED COLLEGE FREE AGENT DA COSTA" article, which has nothing to do with Toronto:

This seems like something the Habs would do... go get Frenchy!!! Kids going to be a bust, he takes the heat off all the regulars players for the Sens who have played awful this season, Go Leafs Go! Hey Sens fans how did it feel to be out of playoff contention back in january:)

Hey Sens fans don't be playing the hero card just yet last time I checked you're in the basement. You better have something to show for Chara, Volchenkov, Redden, Heatley, Fisher, and Kelly. None of the prospects you have mentioned will be = any of the players mentioned above. Have fun with the gut job