Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anderson Running Away With Your Votes

Anderson really wants Karzai's hat. Trade for Senators PJs? (Photo kinda via

As a Federal election looms, a new candidate has burst onto the scene. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present your new representative for Carleton-Mississippi Mills and Prime Minister hopeful: Craig Anderson.

His platform includes:

- heavy investments in the Department of Defense
- option to veto any new Senators
- zero tolerance for "elitist" Media dissension towards his team
- infusion of young talent into his party for a fresh perspective and palpable energy

Mr Anderson is committed to a four year term and will consider his options once that time has passed.

His catch line: 'I'll take one in the chest, arm, or leg for the team."

Harper doesn't stand a chance. I'm positive he'll throw mud at the Anderson Movement with statements like "He didn't come here for you" or "Anderson formed a previous coalition", but do not believe a word of it. Be strong and make the right choice.

4 More Years

This is late (so don't hate). I wanted to wait a few days before posting my opinion on Anderson's new contract with the Sens. My initial thoughts on the signing remain: money for the new #1 is fair, NTC and NMC are absent which is great and length of the contract is...well...too long. Anderson had most of the chips during the negotiations, and it seems like he wanted security with the 4 year re-up. On the flip side, it wasn't a 5 to 7 year deal. If that would've been the case, I would've lost my mind. 4 years is a mid sized contract in term of years. I prefer 2 to 3 years, especially for a guy that has played such a small sample of games for Ottawa, to assure that the investment isn't a knee jerk reaction. Others will say that the team needed a guy like Anderson. I'll be the first to admit that he has brings confidence and swagger to the club, which was terribly needed. This signing gets the SILN seal of approval...still feel that's it 1 year too long.

What about Lehner? According to an interview that I read with Lehner and Bingo beat writer Joy Lindsay, he is learning the English language and is ready to play with the B-Sens for the next few years to develop his game after meeting with Old Man Murray. So we can expect the Lehner-niac to challenge for the #1 spot within the next few years.

Winning by Committee

The Sens have been without their Captain for what seems like an eternity. Another sad chapter in the longest season in ages. It's weird seeing this team play without their Captain for a huge portion of the year. But there is a bright side to all of this: Spezza has stepped up huge since Alfie went down. Kinda makes me wonder what would have been if Spezza was around during that massive losing streak that determined the fate of this season. What if they went .500 during the losing streak? Or even .750? Would they be fighting for a playoff spot?

The kids keep impressing and are producing with the ice time they have be awarded. Greening, Condra, and Butler continue to show that they belong with the club and are putting up impressive auditions for next year. This team will be fun to watch for the next few years, even though they might really suck.

Another Saturday Hiatus

The Sens are playing this afternoon at 2 against the Thrashers, which is the Game of the Day in Uzbekistan. Anderson starts again for a team that has won 7 of their last 10 games. So they are one of the hottest clubs in the league. Too bad it doesn't count for much except pride. The pride of winning when it doesn't count and working for next season. Awesome.

-Marc P

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